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Taiwan 3D Map Service is officially online.

 Taiwan 3D Map Service of the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center (NLSC) is officially online on November 11, 2020, and that makes Taiwan national map service enter into a new era. Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior has planned to integrate different types of self-produced 3D models and information progressively for a smarter governance and more convenient life. 

  To follow-up NGIS development policy of National Development Council, NLSC is responsible for upgrade 2D National Map into 3D and the tasks is divided into 3 parts, 3D map production, standard establishing and service system development.

  Establishing 3D building models has high priority in 3D map production and the strategy is first nationwide production, then progressively refinement. Currently there are more than 4.4 million 3D building models completed and these results can be browsing in the platform of Taiwan 3D Map Service and accessing through I3S and 3D Tiles web services. Detail information is available on the website of Taiwan 3D Map Service(

  • Taiwan 3D Map Service Activation Ceremony.jpg
    Taiwan 3D Map Service Activation Ceremony.jpg