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e-GNSS is the name of real-time kinematic positioning system established by NLSC. Currently, its core software is capable of processing GPS+GLONASS data, and some base stations can receive GPS + GLONASS + BeiDou + Galileo multi-satellite signals.

NLSC completed Taiwan area satellite base station network in 2006 and completed system software and hardware updates in 2014. Currently there are a total of 78 online real-time service base stations in the system to obtain high precision positioning results in coordination with the VBS-RTK(Virtual Base Station Real-Time Kinematic) technology. This system is capable of providing the following services:

  • Real-Time Kinematic Positioning Service:
    • Centimeter level precision by Virtual Base Station Real-Time Kinematic(VBS-RTK)
    • Sub-meter level precision by network Differential GNSS(DGNSS)
  • GNSS Observation Data Post-Processing Service.
  • Provisions of GNSS Observation Data:
    • Physical base station GNSS observation data
    • Virtual base station GNSS observation data