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The latest 2021 UAS ortho photos (2nd batch)are now available.

The Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS) of National Land Surveying and Mapping Center(NLSC) had photographed in over 4 regions, the regions and list of 2021 UAS ortho photos (2nd batch) are as the attachments.

For expanding the benefits, those products are not only used to locally update Taiwan e-Map of NLSC, but also supplied to the users by the regulations of "Fee-Charging Standards for Land Surveying and Mapping Achievements Data". As from today, aforementioned products can be requested via fax, email, post or in person for the time being, and NLSC plans to launch online service for data request submission on Taiwan Map Store( on Nomember 5, 2021. Welcome to apply for the UAS ortho photos.