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Inspection of the Basepoint of the Territorial Sea of the Republic of China in 2021 have been completed.

The sovereignty of the Republic of China extends to its territorial sea, the air space over the territorial sea, as well as to the seabed and subsoil of the territorial sea.

The baselines which encompass Taiwan Island proper and its appurtenant islands commence from Sandiaojiao in the east, to Pengjiayu in the north, to Huayu of the Penghu Islands in the west, and to Qixingyan in the south, while Diaoyutai Archipelago are also incorporated. The maritime areas falling between the baselines and the outer limits measured from baselines seawards for twelve nautical miles are the territorial sea of this country.

In 2021, we inspected 8 basepoints, maintained 2 basepoint stakes and 18 description boards of the territorial sea of the Republic of China, to consolidate national territory and safeguard national sovereignty.

  • Description board of Linshanbi Basepoint
    Description board of Linshanbi Basepoint
    Shitibi  Basepoint
    Shitibi Basepoint