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For the government, national land survey is a production tool, national geographic information is an application tool, and the surveying and mapping results provide the momentum for government policy. They are three indispensable elements for a productive government. Being the highest competent authority of and in actual charge of national surveying and mapping policies, the NLSC assumes full responsibilities for boosting survey technology and promotion of survey services, as well as establishes a solid national land information system establishment and makes effort to integrate & circulate surveying and mapping. Looking into the future, the NLSC has defined its direction for the development of the surveying and mapping services as follows:

  1. Geospatial data production: high-tech surveying and mapping technology will be adopted for acquisition of high-precision spatial geographic information and basic cadaster& maps will be constructed into a database of accurate national land spatial information.
  2. Application of surveying results: all types of land spatial information will be integrated and provided through the Internet for multi-purpose public use. Redundant investments of resources in surveying and mapping will be avoided to facilitate all value-added applications.
  3. Organization role-playing: service model will be transformed from application management into decision support. Surveying and mapping results will be heavily promoted for public use to boost governmental administration efficiency and quality of services to general public.
  4. Profession personnel cultivation: professional training will be planned for surveying and mapping staff to enhance their own capability and skills.
  5. International intercommunication: in surveying and mapping services, actively participating in international surveying and mapping symposiums and conferences, expanses international horizons, enhances surveying & mapping technology standards, keeping abreast of current surveying and mapping technology, and boost the NLSC’s international image.
  6. Service for the general public: providing rapid, convenient and accurate services, as well as, delivering all-in-one and considerate quality services for people achieving excellence in providing top quality surveying and mapping services.