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● A base chart of maritime area (BCMA) is a graphic representation of a maritime area and adjacent coastal regions, showing natural features of the seabed and hydrological data. The purpose of the charting of maritime area is to extend the land-based control survey system to confirm the national maritime territory and as a basis for development and management of marine resources to avoid marine affairs and fishery dispute. It is also prepared to integrate land-based and marine-based survey systems to facilitate the overall planning of national lands and the sustainable operation.
● In coordination with the Ministry of the Interior from 2004, NLSC has completed 663 sheets at scale of 1/5,000, 80 sheets at scale of 1/25,000, and 1 sheet at scale of 1/50,000 of BCMAs with a total area of 4,944 km2 by the end of 2015.
● Navigation safety has become increasingly important with the continued development of the shipping and fishery industries. Electronic navigation charts (ENC) is now in general use among international shipping. Therefore, since 2016 the work of mapping BCMA has adjusted to survey ENC’s prerequisite data with the requirements of the IHO. The results of the work are as shown below:
Year The number of sheets(Scale) Area (KM2) Handling area
2016 226(1/5,000)
1,378 Maritime area from Chiayi Budai to Pingtung Fangliao
524 Maritime area of Kinmen
2017 86(1/5,000)
340 Part of the maritime area of Lianjiang County
1,245 Part of the maritime area of Penghu Islands
Total 637(1/5,000)