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Management of Cadastral Map

  • It has taken the government a great deal of manpower and resources for conducting various cadastral surveys. For the purpose of properly preserving the original survey data and maps, NLSC has established the cadastral storehouse to be in charge of the management of maps and results of cadastral survey and accepts applications for cadastral survey data by the general public.
  • NLSC has established the digital cadastral map database in response to the changes of technologies on surveying, computer, and data processing approaches. For the innovation on management and application of cadastral map, NLSC has developed various systems for general audit of all land sections, integrated value-added cadastral data processing, management of metadata of digital map files, and management of survey result map data. All archives of historical cadastral survey results have also been arranged to enhance the value of cadastral maps based on diversified management and application approaches.

Providing Central Government Authority with Cadastral Data

  • Cadastral data includes highly shared basic and core map data of national land information system. Since 2009, this center began providing central government agencies with value-added cadastral map electronic files for the purposes of promoting overall governance effectiveness. Cadastral data to be provided to central government agencies includes cadastral maps, boundary maps of whole land sections, and cadastral map data network services such as WMS services, Web Services, Cadastral Map Tile (WMTS) services, and API services. The total annual average virtual output value is around 550 million NTD.