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For rapidly responding to the needs for surveying and mapping data from all fields, the NLSC has been step by step integrating national land surveying and mapping information. Through the establishment of integrating map data exchange mechanism and the relevant services, the NLSC hopefully improves the national land information supply and circulation environment by using new information technologies and modern surveying technology to reach the goal of facilitating data sharing. The important implementation results are as shown below:

  • National Land Surveying and Mapping Spatial Database: NLSC has integrated and processed various kinds of national land surveying and mapping data over the years to establish the “National Land Surveying and Mapping Spatial Database”. The contents include topographic maps, national land use investigation results maps, Taiwan e- maps, land section maps, cadastral maps, control points, aerial ortho-photo, satellite remote sensing images, and scanned images of archived cadastral maps.
  • Taiwan MAP Store (Link)
    In order to facilitate the user inquiry and purchase of map data provided by the National Land Surveying and Mapping Spatial Database, NLSC has launched the “National Land Surveying and Mapping Information Integrated Circulation Warehousing Services Website” on March 29, 2013. It allows general public to carry out non-membership metadata search and online browsing parts of maps. Users also can apply for membership via Citizen Digital Certificate to purchase maps, enjoying one-stop service of inquiry, browsing, and purchase.
    Taiwan MAP Store Website
  • Taiwan MAP Service (Link)
    For sharing and application of surveying and mapping results by all people, NLSC has integrated the core and fundamental map data such as Taiwan Electronic Map, and national land use survey result map, and established “National Land Surveying and Mapping Information Web Map Service System” in 2012 by using OpenLayers program library. This system allows users to inquiry, browse, and overlap application maps via network map approach. To be in compliance with the trend of Open Data, this system also provides WMS and WMTS services meeting OGC standard such that users can overlap the five kinds of map data (such as Taiwan Electronic Map, ortho-image of Taiwan Electronic Map, national land use survey result map, parcellary plan map, and administrative boundary map) without the need for any membership application. This would have greatly improved the quality of service provided.
    Taiwan MAP Service Website