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In accordance with Article 328 of the Taiwan Code of Civil Procedure, and Article 217 and 222 of Rules Governing the Implementation of Cadastral Survey, this center should conduct boundary survey designated by judicial and prosecution organizations as the reference for the review or investigation to help solve land disputes. The conditions and variety of aforementioned matters are as shown below:

The land identification and survey cases include cadastral survey (boundary confirmation, segmentation of shared object, confirm the existence of right of passage, land returning after building demolished, land returning, unauthorized occupation, exclusion of intrusion, and damage indemnity) and current topography survey (composition of topography map, earthwork calculation).

Assistance in boundary measurement: The boundary points settings designated by the compulsory execution department.

Onsite survey or explanation: During litigation process, the judicial court will ask this center to send designated personnel carrying out onsite survey and making needed explanation if necessary.